I Hate You Messages for Him: Quotes for Ex-Boyfriend

I Hate You Quotes for Ex-Boyfriend: If you are very angry for your Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Husband Cheating with you and want to reflect on your breakup then you land a perfect place. Here you can find I hate you messages for him to sharing on the Facebook, twitter timeline to expressing the heartbreak that you are going through. Read them and reflect on your anger and frustration towards the man who broke your heart. He should realize that he has lined himself up to be screwed over by karma. Write down a perfect sad breakup message for ex-boyfriend or ex-husband and realise him then you are not alone without them. These Quotes are very best to teasing him. Your can your these hate your images for your whatsapp profile DP.

Hate You Quotes for Him

1) You should get an Academy award for being the best male actor of the year. Not once did I realize that you were cheating on me. I hate you.

2) I would rather die in misery and pain, than take you back in my arms again. I hate you.

3)My hate for you is undying and it will never pause, just like how my love for you once was. I hate you.

4) Everyone makes compromises and sacrifices in life. It’s a pity that I made mine for a loser like you. I hate you.

5) I can’t believe you broke my heart as if you were smashing a piece of glass. Glass can be rebuilt, but what about my heart?

6) I will get over my shock soon however I will wish constantly the most exceedingly terrible for you. I hate you.

7) No issue where I am, what I am doing or how old I move toward becoming – I will dependably hate you for breaking my heart and hurting my feelings. I hate you.

8) I hope that every single tear that drops from my cheeks becomes the karma that comes around and crushes your happiness again and again. I hate you.

9) Today there is nothing but hate and vengeance. I don’t want you back, I just want to know the reason why you broke my heart.

10) Each drop of a tear is costly than anything in World.. But, no one knows its value until they have it in their own eyes for Someone.

11) Even though you have hurt me, you will always stay in my heart. First, I loved you from the bottom of my heart and now I hate you from the bottom of my heart.

12) I hate my ex-husband from the very core. I hope that for him, life has only bitterness in store.

Hate You Messages for Ex-Boyfriend

13) I hate you so much that I would prefer just not to overlook our relationship, I even need to overlook your revolting face and your stupid name.

14) I gave you my heart to love it, not crush it. I gave you my body to embrace it, not to humiliate it. I gave you my soul to cherish it, not kill it. I hate you.

15) Bullies like you need to remember that good students like me will one day, go on to be your bosses at work. I hate you.

16) I hate you so much that I don’t just want to forget our relationship, I even want to forget your ugly face and your stupid name.

17) I am content with watching you leave. Presently I am prepared to live out brighter days. For how you have pulverized my life, I trust your voyage is brimming with strife. I hate you.

18) My love was so vibrant that it made even the colors of the rainbow look drab. But you destroyed it by piercing my heart, jab after jab. I hate you.

Hate You Messages for Ex-Husband

19) Even however you have harmed me, you will dependably remain in my heart. First, in all seriousness in all seriousness.

20) I regret the fact that I exposed a love as pure as mine, to a heart as dirty as yours. I hate you.

21) I am not going to do anything stupid to get my revenge. I’ll just sit on the sidelines and watch you screw your life up. I hate you.

22) There’s no more bitter pill than a broken heart, and no sweeter thought than to think that it is a passing nightmare.

23) I dependably felt that we both made an adorable couple – simply like two fish in a bowl. I simply didn’t realize that your name was SELFISH. I hate folks like you.

24) In our marriage I always thought that lust and love was intertwined. Little did I know that you had another woman on your mind. I hate you.

25) I gave you my heart to love it, not pound it. I gave you my body to grasp it, not to humiliate it. I gave you my spirit to cherish it, not kill it. I hate you.

26) My heart is pink – bubbly, innocent, alive and throbbing with love. Yours is dark – deceiving, manipulative, unreliable and loaded with evil. I hate you.

27) My silence is not my weakness. It is my strength to push negative influences like you out from my life. I hate you.

28) Moving on from a loser like you is going to be easy but healing the scars of being betrayed by you is going to be difficult. I hate you.

Quotes about Hating Someone You Used to Love

29) The most unfortunate part of our divorce is that in reality, there are no winners. I don’t care about my heartbreak because our children are the real losers. I hate you.

30) Moving on from a washout like you is going to be simple yet healing the scars of being sold out by you is going to be difficult. I hate you.

31) If you wanted to be with someone else, why did you come into my destiny. If you didn’t know the meaning of love, why did you say I Love You to me. I hate you.

32) You pushed me into a sea of despair – I trust you don’t get even a single drop of happiness in your life. I hate you.

33) My life is about to change because you are gone, I am ready to welcome a beautiful new dawn Which is free of lies deceit and dishonesty. I hate you.

34) I wish I could go back in time and replace the word Love with Hate in all the ‘I Love You’ text messages I have sent you in the past. I hate you.

35) No matter where I am, what I am doing or how old I become – I will always hate you for breaking my heart and hurting my feelings. I hate you.

36) My hate for you is undying and it will never delay, much the same as how my love for you used to be. I hate you.I Hate You messages for Husband

37) You promised to never make me cry; but whenever I get close to you, pain is all I feel. It is better to be alone than to be in a miserable relationship. Goodbye.

38) I wish I could backpedal in time and supplant the word Love with Hate in all the ‘I Love You’ instant messages I have sent you before. I hate you.

39) You are a bully from hell, a place where you belong. I hate you.

40) Don’t cry for a guy. Let a guy cry for you.. Because a girl give and forgive, but a guy get and forget. Hate you.

Sad Breakup Messages for Him

41) Hate is a very small word to describe how I feel about you now, that you have broke my heart. I won’t even care explaining it because I want you to understand when someone does the same thing to you. I hate you.

42) My heart tells me that you’re still in love with me and always will be. No matter how far you go, a little part of me will always be stuck to you. I still love you, but I hate you for breaking my heart.

43) I wish I could soften your bones up return of your actions that made me extremely upset. Yet, I won’t on account of even that would not influence us to even. I hate you to such an extent.

44) I never imagined that your voice, which was once music to my ears, would one day be the knife in my heart. I hate you.

45) I am drowning in a pool of misery however I’d preferably die than be spared by you. I hate you.

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