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Say very Good Night to all of your friends, family members, and others with beautiful Good Night messages for the Whatsapp group. Whatsapp is one of the most popular messages sharing applications for users to send text messages, picture msgs, videos, etc. If you are active on any of your Whatsapp groups and looking for the latest messages, then this collection is for you. We share our feeling with others through social media. It really helps to make a relationship bond strong. Express your Love towards your close ones with these Good Night wishes after all these are crafted just to do so. You may like good night msgs for WhatsApp friends.

Good Night Messages For Whatsapp Group

good night messages for whatsapp group

  1. The greatest gift U can give to someone is your time. Because it is the portion of your life that will never come back. Have a peaceful night sleep.
  2. A bed of clouds for U to sleep, Diamond stars as your bed side lamp, Angels from heaven singing lullabies for U, May you sleep peacefully, Good night my Whatsapp friends.
  3. Good Night. See moon has com to wish you a lovely night with many dreams. Have A Nice Night.
  4. Good Night, to my amazing friends! You hold a special place in my heart!
  5. We might be miles apart but we are always in each other’s minds and hearts. That’s what makes our friendship so beautiful. Good night.

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  1. One of the greatest blessings a person can get is to have a true friend. You, my friend, are a true friend. Good night.
  2. I didn’t know what true friendship meant or felt like until you and I became friends. Sleep tight, my friend. Good night.
  3. Your true friendship just goes to prove the fact that the best things in life are free. You illuminate my life with your friendship and make life more enjoyable. Have a good night. Sweet dreams!
  4. The night is dark and long. I wish you a peaceful sleep which will take away all the tiredness. Have Sweet Dreams.
  5. Stop thinking about all the things people said to hurt your feelings. Just hold on tightly to the memories of all the times someone made you smile. Good night.

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  1. On this beautiful night, I am sending a charming message to a charming person. Goodnight friends. Have nice sleep.
  2. Our friendship is brighter than the moonlight. Because the moon only appears at the night. But our friendship remains 24 hours. Good night buddies.
  3. When the night comes, we may not be with each other anymore. But the warmth of our friendship is always there to comfort us. Good night friends!
  4. Hi Moon! dim your light Hello wind! breeze soft, Hi flower! blossom slowly Hello earth! spin gently because my friends are going to sleep.
  5. Never blame a day in your life. Good days give you happiness. Bad days give you experience. Both are essential in life! All are God’s blessings! Good Night

Funny Good Night Messages

good night msgs for whatsapp

  1. I really appreciate your friendship, but my favorite moment with you by far is when you wish me good night!
  2. Don’t hesitate to let your toes look out from under the spreads. No boogeyman will set out to turn out with me directly adjacent to you. Kissing bugs? Not with me around. Rest soundly, my beautiful!
  3. Saying pleasant evening isn’t a Formality or Due to free message, It’s the specialty of Saying that I recall you in “My last moment of the Day” Good Night.
  4. I want to talk but, I keep dropping my phone on my face. I’ll talk to you in the morning; good night dude!
  5. May the darkness of this night make all of your dark thoughts and dreams seem real tonight. Sleep tight and don’t be scared.

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  1. From a sleepy friend, For a sleepy reason, At a sleepy time, On a sleepy day, In a sleepy mood, To say please sleep well.
  2. Laugh and the world laugh with you, snore and you sleep alone. Good night sleepy head!
  3. Try not to squander pondering your lost past, Don’t sit around idly for arranging your future, Better kill sum mosquito with that time So that you can rest better. Good night.
  4. You are a special squad in food eating competition, that’s why I refused to call you please don’t think that I am stingy, next time I will. Lolz, goodnight.
  5. I don’t know I should tell you about this or not but I saw someone very strange behind your house today evening. Don’t worry. Sleep tight. We will talk about this tomorrow.
  6. Last night I had a dream, a weird, crazy dream after watching a thriller, tonight I watched a Slasher film. Let’s see dreams await me tonight.
  7. The best part of falling asleep on the couch is waking up to that little text chime that tells you it’s time for bed. Good night.
  8. I’m glad you enjoyed the spicy-hot chili that I made for you, but I hope we can have a cease-fire and enjoy sweet dreams tonight.
  9. Hug your teddy bear and think happy thoughts as you fall asleep. Hopefully, your bear does not hug you back. Goodnight.

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Short Good Night Messages

short good night messages for friends

  1. Have the best night’s sleep, friend! Sleep well!
  2. May the stars and the moon comfort you as you sleep. Good night and have sweet dreams.
  3. Sleep peacefully tonight, my friend, for the angels are keeping watch over you.
  4. Regardless of how your day ended today, know that tomorrow will be better. Good night, my friend.
  5. I pray your sleep is accompanied by sweet dreams. Good night.
  6. NIGHT” is good time to ‘REMEMBER’ all the sweet things and all sweet people in your ‘LIFE’ So sleep well with your Sweet Memories.
  7. Heart said to eyes, ‘Don’t see more because you see and I suffer” Eyes said to heart. Don’t think more because you feel and I cry for it.” Good Night.
  8. Yesterday I was clever, I tried to change the world. But today I am wise and I am changing Myself.. Good Ni8.
  9. Wishing you a calm night, friend! I hope it is good!
  10. Slumber tonight, good friend, and feel well rested, tomorrow!
  11. Wishing my good friend relief from a hard day’s work! Good Night!
  12. Good night my friends! May all the pressure of the day be alleviated!
  13. Sleep your worries away tonight, for tomorrow will be better. Have a good night.
  14. Tomorrow is a new day and a brand new opportunity to turn things around. Good night and sleep tight.

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