50+ Good Night Messages For Crush | Heart Touching Wishes (With Images)

Good Night Messages For Crush: Say very good night and sweet dreams to your crush boy or crush girl with heart-touching, cute, sweet, & romantic wishes & images before going to sleep. A beautiful message can do wonders if sent with good intentions. Impress your crush with these amazing good night messages but do not show off. Your too much possessiveness can make damage. So put your every step carefully. If you are in dilemma about what to send to your crush, have a look at the new list featuring the content you need.

Romantic Good Night Messages for Crush

romantic good night messages for crush
Romantic good night messages for crush
  • Excited to go to sleep because I’m that much closer to seeing you. Goodnight.
  • I know today was really rough, so I just wanted to say goodnight. I’m thinking of you and I hope you wake up tomorrow feeling better.
  • You must be a dictionary because you add meaning to my life.
  • Can you look worse tomorrow? I couldn’t focus on anything all day because I was too distracted by how cute you looked.
  • I wonder when you will stop being a dream to become a reality, as what I feel for you grows every day. Good night, my beautiful princess.
  • Loving you is as easy as going to bed at night, but it is sometimes said that we are not together at the moment. The future holds a lot for us. Good Night Crush.
  • I am a fortunate man to meet you and share with you a few brief moments throughout each day. Happy dreams lovely crush.
  • I think of you all night; I cannot seem to spend a day without thinking about you, as for tonight I will do the same. Good Night Crush.
  • I find myself self-loving you more and more every day. Really wish the feeling was mutual. I can’t help but think of you. Dream of me.
  • I’m sure going to dream about you tonight. I do every night. And I really hope you’ll dream of me too. I really do wish that happens!
  • I love you. That’s all I can say. Can’t express myself better. Only wish you could see my heart to know how much love I’ve got in there for you. Sleep tight.
  • Every day, I have new reasons to love you. And whether or not you love me back or as much, I’ll only keep loving you.

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Cute Good Night Messages for Crush Girl

cute good night messages for crush girl
Cute good night messages for crush girl
  • I hope you have beautiful dreams tonight because I don’t think it’s possible for me to sleep, as all I do is think of you. Good night dear.
  • Tomorrow is another day to love you crazily, so go to bed early and prepare for excess loving from me as your special admirer. Good Night Crush.
  • I’m dying to see how beautiful you will look tomorrow, but in the meantime, the time has come to sleep and rest, so good night, beautiful girl.
  • Tomorrow will surely be better than today for you just as my love for you will also grow stronger every passing day. Happy Dreams.
  • The thought of you was the only thought I had all through the day. I guess I’ve done well. And although it’s past bedtime, I just couldn’t close my eyes without saying “goodnight” to the one I love.
  • Day and night you own my heart. You brighten my day up with your smile and even at night, I’ll say you are the moon that brightens up my dreams. Sleep sound love.
  • Being away from you is impossible. It’s like a punishment for me. Please let’s be together forever. I love you. I really do!
  • I hope this isn’t getting to you late. But I believe it’s not too late to say goodnight to the man of my dreams. I won’t stop loving you.
  • What is it about you that makes me go crazy? Because of you, I always look forward to each new day because I’ll have you around me. I love you and you know it. Can’t wait for tomorrow to come so I can see you again.
  • I’ve known you for a while now and I’m only more attracted to and in love with you. You complete me sort of and I can’t do without you. I love you.
  • I love you more with each passing day, and I go to sleep with you in my mind. Good night!
  • I know you are the one for me because my heart longs for you when you are away. Good night!
  • You are bright and breathtaking like the stars. So far away but still close to my heart. Good night, darling!
  • Knowing that you are my love, and I am yours is an amazing feeling. Good night, my dear!

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Sweet Good Night Messages for Crush Boy

sweet good night messages for crush boy
Sweet good night messages for crush boy
  • My heart beats with love for you and I can’t help it, what’s more, it fascinates me that it is so. Good night dear.
  • Everyone knows how crazy I am for you, but you are yet to realize it, notwithstanding, love is patient, so I will patiently wait for you. Good Night Crush.
  • All you need do tonight is to relax and sleep peacefully in the ocean of love. My love for you is gentle, homely, and forever.
  • I’ve been daydreaming about you for a long. Imagining us together forever. Please let me come out of this dream. Be my reality.
  • I need to confess something. There have been times I’ve thought about you alone all day and night wishing you were mine. Please give me you. I really do love you.
  • It’s not my fault that I like you this much. It’s beyond my control. It’s called love I think. Goodnight and see me in your dreams.
  • Hey handsome! I hope that you are thinking about me because I am thinking about you. Sleep with the thought of my arms wrapped around you.
  • Every single day and night that passes I wish to tell you how I feel about you. So tonight I’m making my wish come true. I do love you very much and I wish you feel the same. Goodnight dear.
  • I can’t help it. I miss you so much and I hope to be in your dreams tonight and certainly in your heart. That’s all I wish for and I hope it comes true. Goodnight!
  • Please hold your phone tight coz this message is a hug in disguise… although I wish it was a real hug. Goodnight dear and sweet dreams of me.
  • Saying goodnight to you it’s always hard. Not just because I’ll miss you all night but mostly because I’ll miss another opportunity to tell you how much I love you. So I’m telling you tonight via this text. Goodnight!
  • I just want us to go. Go somewhere far away. Where it’s just the two of us. And I could hold your hands and look into your breathtaking eyes and tell you how much I love you.
  • Out of the thousands of people in the world, it’s so amazing that you’re the only one I have Goosebumps for. Goodnight.

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Heart Touching Good Night Messages for Crush

heart touching good night messages for crush
Heart touching good night messages for crush
  • I’m trying really hard. So hard. But I can’t. I just can’t. I can’t stop thinking of you. Goodnight and sleep tight dear.
  • Right now, I don’t care if you think I’m cynical. I don’t care if the world thinks I’m crazy. I think I was crazy enough first to have fallen in love with you in such short notice. Goodnight.
  • I’d do anything just to be able to fall asleep beside you right now.
  • I’m falling asleep right now but I really wish it could be in your arms.
  • I’ve had a crush on you for as long as I can remember. Knowing you feel the same makes me sleep better.
  • Wouldn’t it be better if we were in the same bed right now? Then we wouldn’t have to bother with lousy goodnight texts.
  • Make sure you have a good night’s rest. Can’t wait to talk to you tomorrow!
  • Hey, you crossed my mind today. I hope all is well and that you have a good night.
  • I love nighttime, but I hate going to bed alone. I wish you could be here with me.
  • I can’t count the reasons to love you just like I can’t count all the stars. I just love you for you! Good night!
  • I might not be able to express it with my mouth cos I’m not so good with words. But my heart and eyes say it all. I love you. That’s what I’ve been wanting to say all along.
  • I want a whole and complete love for you. Love that would stand the test of time and only grow bigger and bigger. Love like a river. Every flowing, ever alive.
  • My heart skips a beat every time I think about you. And I always think about you. Trying to imagine how many beats my heart has skipped!
  • I have other people I love around me. Friends and family. But none of them would ever mean so much to me. You are my best.
  • No matter what you do or do not do, I can’t stop loving you. I seem to be enchanted and chained in your love.

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