Good Friday Wishes Lines For Facebook Post (With Images)

Wish your close ones very Happy Good Friday on Facebook with these beautiful and heart touching greeting lines. Here are the wishes that you can use on your Facebook post to celebrate this special day. People begin their celebrations on social network like Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc. Today, I’m gonna share some greeting lines of Good Friday. You can use pictures also to make your celebration at its best. Let’s check out the wishes.

Good Friday Greeting Lines for Facebook Post

  • Good Friday is beautiful because it reminds us that we matter to the great Lord. Have a divine Good Friday with your family and loved ones.
  • May the love of Jesus fill your heart with heavenly bliss and holy desires for now and forever. Wishing you a Holy Good Friday my friend!
  • He hung, bled and died proving his love for us. Nothing can beat his sacrifice for humankind. I hope we can hold the faith he deserves.
  • Sending my best wishes on this holy occasion of Good Friday. May your heart be filled with kindness, joy, and happiness.
  • May God turn this Good Friday into a blissful beginning of your life.

good friday 2021 facebook wishes

  • He hung, bled and died proving his love for us. Nothing can beat his sacrifice for humankind. I hope we can hold the faith he deserves. Good Friday.
  • Light he gives you, right path He shows you. You never go in dark, if dwindle, He hold you. Happy Good Friday my friend, to you and your family!
  • You go under His shadow, you are purified. You confess to Him. You are purified. He always takes care of you.
  • Just seeing the image of Him, you get sanctified. His kindness and blessings be upon you.
  • We are blessed because Lord loves you. He was born for us and sacrificed his life for us. It’s a day to be grateful to our Lord for every pain he bored in silence.
  • Jesus held us so deer that he gave his life for saving us from sins. May you find your inspiration from this holy sacrifice of our savior. Happy Good Friday!

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  • Wishing awesome Good Friday to everyone! May God fulfill all your desire on the day of Good Friday! May you begin your day blessed!
  • He is our savior. He is our boat that takes to our final destination. Be in His guide.
  • They say Lord works in mysterious ways ; And so I fell in love with mystery since then!
  • May the strength and might lord Jesus pour for you and your family! Wishing you happiest Good Friday!

Good Friday 2021 Wishes In Images

  • I pray that God will be kind to you just like you have always been so kind to me. You are the best family there ever was and ever will be. Happy Good Friday to everyone!
  • May penance fill your heart today, and the glory of this occasion last a lifetime. Best wishes.
  • On this holy day, I keep you in my prayers and hope you will do the same for me. May the great lords’ blessing shine upon you this holy day and always.

good friday wishes for facebook

  • May longevity and prosperity come to your family and you! May you all be together and united! Have happy Good Friday!
  • May you never cry and weep for anything! May Jesus hold your tears and give you everything!
  • Show us the light, guide to the right, rise us up when we fall down, you are our Jesus, Oh! Our merciful shine. Beneath you, we could only shine! Happy Good Friday 2021

good friday wishes for facebook

  • GOOD FRIDAY in my heart! Fear & affright My thoughts are the Disciples when they fled My words the words that priest & soldier said My deed the spear to desecrate the dead
  • He showed us the way He has long been gone And yet in our hearts His name shines on…. Wish u a Holy Friday!
  • I know Jesus is with you… But I’ll also be there for you… Whenever you need me… Have a blessed Good Friday!

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  • For God so loved the world That he gave his only begotten son To be crucified & perished For the sins of the world And saved humanity May God bless us all on this Good Friday!
  • When you think about Jesus’s great sacrifice for humanity, no problem in your life is a big problem anymore. Wish you all the best today!
  • Loving Christ is the cure of all sins and sadness. May this good Friday bring peace and faith in your life.

good friday wishes for fb

  • To free yourself from all sins; let go of your ego and jealously and become selfless. It is His path for salvation. Happy Good Friday!
  • Never be disheartened by the Good Fridays of yesterday, be patient for the Easter of tomorrow.
  • Feed a hungry, give shelter to homeless, kind to ignorant and angry, and wise to foolish; His blessings on you.

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