45+ Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend | Bday Sayings, Messages

Best 45+ long distance birthday wishes for Boyfriend to wish him a very Happy Birthday. Romantic, cute, lovely bday sayings, messages for him. In this article, I’ve provided you with some of the best happy birthday wishes for a long-distance boyfriend in different ways that you would like and love to send to your boyfriend if he is far away. Distance definitely is a deal-breaker for relationships of any kind. Even the toughest bonds can break when they are at a distance for a pretty long time. No instances and occasions can be left out where you have a chance to connect to your soul mate on a deeper level! So get ready for the best long distance bday wishes for your Boyfriend.

long distance birthday wishes for boyfriend

Romantic Long Distance Birthday Wishes for Boyfriend

  1. Gone the days when rains happen; I with you, you with me forever; you are far yet connected in heart: I love you, you are my dear part; wishing you happy birthday my boyfriend!
  2. Not in me but in you, I see myself everywhere; it feels so much dear and near; you are my whole and without you, this world is none beyond; wishing you lots of wishes and a happy birthday!
  3. Wherever you are, take care of your heart; it not beats for you only but beats for me too; when you come again, soon please meet me; wishing you love and love my man!
  4. You are mine, me your shine; we both together travel to undiscovered land so afar; happy birthday dear love!
  5. I miss those wonderful nights laying beside you, with you of course not snoring and polluting the air with your farts. May you come back soon and we relive those moments like never before. Happy birthday to my long-distance guy.
  6. Every minute without you seems to be eternal, every second with you sends me to the seventh heaven. May you always be lucky in business, may goals be achieved, and may every day give you bright emotions.

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  1. I don’t know what depression feels like, but being away from you for so long has given me pretty good taste. I pray that you come back as soon as possible. Happy birthday!
  2. Being able to have you with us is a true joy, so with all the sincerity of my heart, I wish you a very Happy Birthday.
  3. Congratulations on your birthday! May you succeed in everything, may you always be surrounded by your loved ones and God guide your path.”
  4. Even though we’re taking a rain check on celebrating together, I’m still sending you the brightest, happiest thoughts for an amazing birthday!
  5. There may be oceans, seas, and mountains between us, but I still feel your heart beating deep inside my chest. Happy Birthday to my handsome guy! Hope we will be together soon!
  6. Whatever happens, you will always be there. You are in my heart, which means that you are very dear to me. I wish you to be the happiest, not to count the year, but simply live and enjoy every moment.

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Cute Birthday Wishes

  1. I wish you to be happy with me! And also I wish for the most ardent sensual moments, boundless love, and more fireflies in my eyes. May our union be lasting and eternal!
  2. I sincerely wish you to achieve everything that you have long dreamed of! And even though I’m not near right now, know that my heart is always filled with love for you.
  3. I wish you luck in your life, sincere people nearby, prosperity, and many ideas with their further implementation. I am sending you my kiss, and I really hope that it will reach you!
  4. I wish to be strong and agile, like a superhero, I always wish to conquer any fear and conquer any peak. May your every dream leads you to success.
  5. Birthday wishes to you, my crazy partner! It’s high time you improve your taste when it comes to shopping for yourself, and for me!

  6. You’ve always been so selfless. I really do love that about you! Promise me to always stay the same, no matter what. Wishing you a Birthday as flawless as you are!

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  1. Many letters I have written for you; to mention in my love of you; by writing your name, I have solace; I wish you happy birthday and love.
  2. When you come from foreign land; bring me chocolates and roses of that land; must have fragrance of you; I smell and become you; wishing you happy birthday dear boyfriend.
  3. When we marry; I always be with you; in your heart, and in veins and in blood of you; everywhere in you living like a breath of you; happiest birthday my dear boyfriend!
  4. You just vow that wherever you be, you with me. I don’t understand your this work schedule. Besides wishing you the cutest happy birthday love!
  5. I used to hate the army for keeping you from me, but then I realized how many people need the kind of protection you always lavish on me. it’s your birthday, love.

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Heart Touching Messages

  1. You may not be here and yet every cell of my being feels your proximity! Miss you a lot sweetheart! Happy Birthday
  2. Hey sweetheart! I hope this distance between us will only make us crazier, happy, and more loving towards each other. Happy Birthday to the perfect gentleman!
  3. I would like to be near you now! To kiss you, hug, and whisper gently in your ear: “Happy birthday, dear!” Let your life be easy and beautiful!
  4. Life again smiles at you on your new birth so that you share it with me. Always remain glorious, cheerful, and full of strength, energy, and joy. I hope to see you soon!

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  1. The way we talk is the romance of our walk; that we used to do together when you are here; and I’m in your thoughts; loving you dear and happy birthday!
  2. We promise, we never leave each other; even the universe try to do so; we one soul; always sail together, again and again; take care of you, I love you and please come soon!
  3. I am bae of you. You are a boy of me. We are destined and written for each other. Much more than love, we have a deeper connection. I never leave you. Lots of wishes and the happiest birthday!
  4. So many lice in you hairs; when I stroke them; they all get sieve; I hate you hairs that I believe; wishing you happy birthday my dear love!

  5. I care for you a lot. You don’t understand this. Such a fool you are! And there is another problem with you, why do you cross dress? You look so irked. Happy birthday my loving boy!

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Short Birthday Wishes

  1. Babe, I may not be there to celebrate with you on this day, but I’m sure rooting for you. Expect my package soon, babe. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
  2. They say love doesn’t exist, but then I look at you and I realized that’s a lie: I have love, and love is you. Happy Birthday my Boyfriend!
  3. No matter how many miles apart we are, it’ll be just as it has always been: you are always in my heart. Have the best birthday ever.
  4. I just want you to know that of all the 24 hours today, I always think of you. I see your face in the sun and your smile in the stars.
  5. Two things distance can never rob us of; my love for you, and how your love rubbed off on me. Happy birthday, babe.
  6. It takes love from the world’s best boo to become the world’s best bae, and I am the world best bae, winks. Distance is hating on us. Happy birthday, love.

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  1. Without you here today, everything looks gloomy. Imagine celebrating Christmas without Christmas presents. You are a gift. Happy birthday, love.
  2. We’ll be celebrating your birthday twice next year, for today’s can’t possibly count without you here. Happy birthday, babe.
  3. Though you’re there to study, you better not be partying without me today. Kidding, please enjoy your day. Happy birthday, love.
  4. I dreamt of waking up in your arms, look at what you have done to me. I am used to serving your wishes in bed today. Happy birthday, darling.
  5. May your Sun rays be Gold, and your moon is all smiles today. Let them be a sign of my love for you. Happy Birthday Handsome!

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