3rd Birthday Wishes Messages for Three Year Olds

Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes: Today we are going to share a cute collection of 3rd Birthday Wishes, messages with images. Birthday messages should be simple and should send out a greetings of love, appreciation and a little encouragement as they grow older. It’s easy to find the right birthday messages for your 3-year-old birthday boy or girl. All the 3rd birthday greetings on this page have all the ingredients the Moms and Dads of 3 year old looking for: just the right amount of humor, joy, wonder and innocence any 3-year-old baby boy or girl can relate to. This page contains best 3th birthday quotes for son, daughter, nephew, niece, granddaughter, grandson or special child who turn 3 year.

Happy 3rd Birthday Wishes and Greetings

Turning a new age is always an exciting and memorable moment, especially for kids since they get to enjoy too much sweets and candy. Birthday messages to a three year old should be filled with love and care, it should be written in a memorable manner telling them how much you love them and how much fun you know they are going to have. Pick a right 3rd birthday wishes lines for your three year old son, daughter, nephew, niece birthday celebrations.

3rd birthday wishes

  • Happy birthday, to our wild child! We are so happy to spend the entire day celebrating all that is you!
  • Hoping your three birthday wishes come true. After all, you’re turning 3 years old today! Happy 3rd birthday!
  • You are the most precious and beloved child. We wish you to have an amazing life! Happy Birthday baby!
  • Today, forget about the ABCs. It’s all about 1-2-3 birthday wishes. May all yours come true. Happy 3rd birthday!

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  • Wishing you a lifetime of the love, warmth and joy you’ve brought us the first three years of your precious life.
  • Happy 3rd birthday, kiddo! Thanks for filling our lives with adventures. Love you!
  • My baby, today is your birthday! You are beautiful today as a doll. Let’s celebrate your life! Happy Birthday!
  • I wish you to receive many gifts, sweets and surprises today. You are the best gift for your parents. Never forget this. We love you.
  • I wish your entire life be filled with unlimited happiness, amusement and love. Happy 3rd birthday, my angel!
  • This special birthday message is for someone very special — our little , our life. Loving you has brought us joy we never thought possible. Happy birthday, precious!
  • Happy birthday, to an amazing three year old to whom none can compare! Hoping you have the day of fun that you deserve!

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  • Happy 3rd birthday to the little shining star of our family.
  • My baby is the sunshine and the beautiful moonlight and more radiant to my world as never before. I love you so much. Happy 3rd birthday of your life.
  • My beautiful princess, you are the sweetest gift I have ever received. I wish you a wonderful and magical second birthday and your entire life. May all your sincere dreams come true.
  • May your everyday begin with the sweetest smile of yours. May you achieve everything in your life. With loads of love my child. Happy 3rd Birthday!
  • Happy birthday to a super cute 3-years-old! You look so cute I can just eat you up for how yummy you look.

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  • My Princess, you are such a sweet girl. May you have a magical, wonderful birthday. May all your wishes come true!
  • Happy birthday to my little, energy filled, life loving friend. I hope we all continue to learn how to enjoy life as fully as you do.
  • I know everyone says it, but I truly know that there are big things in your future. Just your smile makes the world better. Happy third.

3rd Birthday Messages for Son & Daughter

3rd birthday wishes


  • Three years old and you are going to have the sweetest birthday of all time! Happy Birthday!
  • Happy 3rd birthday! You have been filling our lives with laughter and love for three years. Stay cute and adorable! Love you!
  • To my shining star on your birthday. Three years ago you brightened my life. Today you brighten it still more with each beautiful smile and wondrous laugh.
  • I wish you a very Happy Birthday my sweet little three years old child.
  • I Love the adorable little man who walks like penguins. I love you so much, baby. Have a great third birthday.
  • Wishing you a magical 3rd birthday and a wondrous year ahead!

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  • You are the best reminder that life is beautiful my 3 year old, I hope you enjoy your birthday with all its treats and surprises.
  • Baby, you are the main reason which makes your mom and dad smile. We can’t resist your sweet charm. Happy birthday, little kid!
  • May God give you health, wealth, success, prosperity and the entire world’s happiness. Happy 3rd birthday
  • I have no super powers to pass on to you, but you won’t need any. You’re looking pretty chill all on your own, birthday babe.
  • Your smile is the most adorable thing in the entire universe. You are a wonderful child and I wish you to keep this way. My little one, happy birthday!

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  • I wish my shining start the happiest birthday ever. Three years you are brightening our life. We wish you many smiles and joy. Happy Birthday!
  • I hope this special day is only a sample of all the happiness and contempt you will feel throughout your life. Happy third birthday!
  • In the melody of your parents lives, you are the sweetest note. Happy 3rd birthday cutie pie.
  • May you find all the world’s comfort and happy moments throughout your life. Have a wonderful birthday.

Best Bday Wishes for Three Year Old Girl & Boy

3rd birthday wishes

  • Happy birthday! We cannot stop talking in babble speak to you. It’s impossible to not do that when you are such an adorable 3-year-old.
  • Today, I celebrate the birthday of this amazing three year old, I hope you grow to be wise, hearty and always keeping it real. You are amazing.
  • Baby, happy birthday! I do not know whom you will become, but there is a big chance that you will become a good runner. Enjoy your childhood, my love!
  • May you be fortunate enough in life to have everything that life could offer you in the best possible way. Grow without stress boy, many happy returns of this day. Happy 3rd birthday.
  • My child! Be always happy because you don’t know who is getting happy with your cuteness and smile. Happy 3rd Birthday, sweetheart.

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  • Happy 3rd Birthday sweet little son, my entire world revolves around you. You are my heavens.
  • You have graduated from using a nappy to sitting on the potty. I wish you many such big achievements in life. Happy birthday.
  • Oh, it’s your birthday my baby! It’s your birthday my doll! You’re three years old today, now lets celebrate!
  • You are a blessing, a great addition to my life, I hope you enjoy this birthday with all the candy, sweets and hearty wishes. I love you baby.
  • Our angel, we wish you happy 2nd Grow a healthy and beautiful girl. God has already blessed us with you. We love you so much.
  • During these three years your experience has doubled. Your cuteness has no limit. My little one, happy birthday!

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  • Today is a very special day for our family! Our awesome little man has been born today three years ago. Happy birthday, our cutie!
  • Your smile is like a most precious treasure to me. Never stop smiling. Happy birthday!
  • I was asking God for his blessing and he gave me you. Your cute smile is holy to me and your dad. Our child, we love you so much and wish you Happy Birthday!
  • You are the great imitator of your father, I just love the way you act. Happy 3rd Birthday, sweetie pie.
  • Happy third birthday daughter, you are an amazing kid and I am glad to be here with you, live like there is no tomorrow. Cheers darling.
  • Wishing a magical birthday to the most adorable 3-year-old I have ever set my eyes on. I hope you enjoy all your toys and treats. Have fun today!

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